"Architecture is generally presented by one name, but it’s a fantasy and very 19th-century to claim it is a one-man product. A lot depends on the people you have around you and how good they are. There are the structural engineers, environmental engineers, modelmakers, photographers - as well as the guy in Italy who polished the steel for the tower we’re presenting at the Venice Biennale this year - if he doesn’t do a good job, then you have a badly polished piece of steel."


Jan Kaplický 

(Source: The Guardian)

National Library of the Czech Republic / Národní knihovna České republiky, Praha

Jan Kaplický / Future Systems 

Source: proknihovnu.cz

"The world is full of beautiful things, and you have to be observant as an architect - if not, you are in trouble. Creativity is everywhere. I don’t collect beautiful pieces of design, but I do collect airmail stickers, which I find fascinating: how they differ over the years and the energy that goes into them. 

I also don’t think you need to go anywhere particular to be creative; people just use that as an excuse. But I do think a lot of creativity depends on your relationships with other people, your personal relationships, your partner or whatever. Your personal happiness or unhappiness comes out in your work, it’s a reflection of your emotional state and you can’t separate the two.”

Jan Kaplický (18 April 1937 – 14 January 2009)

The Guardian: Czech architect whose free-form designs revolutionised British building

The Harvard Graduate School of Design Lecture: Future Systems 500 Images

Photos: ceskatelevize.cz

Conversion of an industrial villa / Přestavba industriální vily Palmovka, Jihlava


Photo: Alexander Dobrovodský, Roman Dobeš

Puppet Theatre / Divadlo loutek, Ostrava

Petr Hájek, Gabriela Minářová, Bronislav Stratil

Photo: Ester Havlová

Restaurant and wine shop Red Pif / Restaurace a vinotéka Red Pif, Praha

Jakub Fišer, Petra Skalická / Aulík Fišer architekti

Sources: RedPif.cz, Facebook

Vila Frýdava

Zuzana Šuleková, Petr Uhlík / Uhlík Architekti

Photo: Tomáš Balej